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Updating living trust

Contrast a Trust Amendment with a Trust Amendment and Restatement, which is a type of trust amendment that completely supercedes the terms of the original trust agreement.The name and date of your trust will stay the same (for more on this, see below), but each and every provision of the original agreement will be replaced by the terms of the restatement.

Each amendment changed separate and various sections of the trust in different ways. In the end, very little remained from the terms of the original trust.

En español | For most people, a will is the first choice for passing on an estate to heirs. Among other estate planning tools, the revocable living trust is gaining in popularity, especially among boomers.

In addition to being one of several ways to avoid probate—the legal process to determine whether a will is valid—living trusts may offer before-death and after-death advantages.

A Trust Amendment is a legal document that changes specific provisions of a Revocable Living Trust but leaves all of the other provisions unchanged, while an Amendment and Restatement of Trust completely replaces and supercedes all of the provisions of the original Revocable Living Trust.

Before discussing when Trust Amendments or full Amendments and Restatements are required, you’ll need to understand what a Revocable Living Trust is – a legal contract between the Trustmaker and Trustee that can be changed at any time and requires the Trustee to oversee the management of property transferred into the trust by the Trustmaker for the benefit of the Beneficiary of the trust.

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