To deal with an intimidating Camslive me

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To deal with an intimidating

I feel intimidated." Which reaction is the right one?They both are because our reaction is highly dependent upon our own personality and our comfort level with certain attributes of others.Bushong from Of course, if the person is a psychopath or something like that then this won't always apply but considering why the person is so aggressive can help you to understand the situation you're in and possibly give you some ideas on solutions.The following is a guest article by Peter Murphy with his 4 tips on how to deal with aggressive people. and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers is regarded as a self help classic. I read it many years ago and I was disappointed by the content of this book that has helped a lot of people take control of their fears. Because I believe we all have the power to go far beyond feeling the fear.What is important, however, is how we act and react toward this aggressive customer.

Take some deep breaths, and open your mind to think about different possibilities.

These might not be behaviors: Someone with a more dominant style may be intimidating to someone who tends to a reflective or analytic style.

Understanding this may help neutralize some of the emotion in the situation. Do you think she is really trying to intimidate, or might she just be oblivious to the effect of her style?

She isn’t my boss, but she leads some projects I’m involved with.

I find that I have trouble speaking my mind and behaving with confidence even though I’m the one with expertise. A: Establish your inner confidence and understand precisely what behaviors cause you to feel daunted in order to overcome this.

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