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In an open letter published in the Jamaica Observer, Hilary Beckles, chairman of the Reparations Commission of the Caribbean Community, or Caricom, asked Cameron to recognize the UK's “legacies of slavery that continue to derail, undermine and haunt our best efforts at sustainable economic development and the psychological and cultural rehabilitation of our people.” "We ask not for handouts or any such acts of indecent submission,” Beckles added.“We merely ask that you acknowledge responsibility for your share of this situation and move to contribute in a joint program of rehabilitation and renewal." Others have gone further, demanding reparations from the UK government over slavery Cameron is scheduled to address the Jamaican Parliament on Wednesday and hold talks with his counterpart, Portia Simpson Miller.Barrel & Ashes has proved so popular (more hoe cake, please! Because, really, when Frito Pie is proudly offered on the menu, there’s no holding back the museum, Tim is fixin’ tuh trawl all the local BBQ that he can muster. And as Sea Island resort actually plays host to a variety of accommodations, you have many choices for the ceremony setting...British Prime Minister David Cameron first official trip to Jamaica looked set to be overshadowed Tuesday by calls for the UK to pay billions of dollars in reparations for its role in the transatlantic slave trade.“The PM’s point will be he wants to focus on the future.We are talking about issues that are centuries old and taken under a different government when he was not even born.

We own our own motor coaches and and have sales in excess of million.

Shrug off the guilt cloak and start perusing global locales that might even convince your parents to ditch the backyard wedding idea. Oh, just George and Amal Clooney, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and Kimye, to name but three. You have a newly celebrated dining scene, lush rolling hills and rocky moors, and outdoor activities galore -- plus a populace far friendlier than any you’d encounter stateside. Amidst all the Darwinian nature struggle, couples have wed on catamarans, at tiny boutique hotels, and on pristine beaches astride iguanas while herons fly in the distance.

(Also Tom Kat, but we won’t go there.) For our lira, the Amalfi Coast is the place to be, owing to the redonk views, picturesque Mediterranean beaches, charming fishing villages, and the smell of lemon groves all around. Your guests will arrive and start perusing real estate listings within a day. We say, invite your nearest and dearest to start the adventure in the capital city of Quito, then spend a couple days cruising the islands before landing on the archipelago venue of your choice.

(If we had the means, we would so, so desire.) Are you about to inherit a wackadoodle assortment of in-laws with disparate politics, interests, and booze tolerances? For starters, people can arrive by helicopter, ensuring that yours will be the only wedding guests remember on their deathbeds.

Off the Georgian coast is an island getaway that will pretty much satisfy every proclivity -- and, if necessary, help certain guests keep their distance. Once you land, you’re in a conservationist’s paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean: the island serves as sanctuary to birds, turtles, and endangered tortoises.

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Brisket, pulled-pork, smoked chicken wings with buttermilk ranch and baked yams… We’ve everything right here in Los Angeles, and thanks to Chef Tim Hollingsworth's smoked meats contribution, we have some of the best.