Rules dating nigerian man

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Rules dating nigerian man

To set African men apart from all other black men, and to clear the air of any confusion, Afrikan Goddess (AG) did some asking around – from African men!Many of our interviewees are educated professionals still in search of the right African woman.I was yold 95% of the Nigerian men that marry American women want citizenship/green card status.I find this hard to believe since I am an American woman that marrried a Nigerian man.A few are in fulfilling relationships, and others are married and content.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Culture / American Women That Marry Nigerian Men (155922 Views) Are African Women Jealous Of African American Women's "Natural" Lighter Skin?You need to stand out from the crowd as he does, so find a cause to join or fight for an injustice.Having strong opinions will catch his attention, so chat him up about social or world issues.

A quick internet search of what men want from women reveals a combination of ideas, opinions and wishes from men of all races – except of course African men.

It is advisable for the women to know what they are getting into so they do not get disappointed after marriage.

Being married is a different ball game compared to dating or ordinary relationships.

While dating, the ladies have a say in certain issues or in all issues.

But in marriage, the men naturally assume their position of authority and expect the women to obey them and not flout their rules.

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There are some basic rules that Nigerian men have for their future wives.

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