Modern rules of dating

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The traditional rules that were standard for women of a certain age feel antiquated in today’s modern times, but modern-day etiquette is nebulous. New Rule: Gently steer a woman away from potholes, oncoming traffic, and the terror of the unknown. Old Rule: Offer your seat to a woman standing on public transportation.

Gone are the days where it was customary to tip a hat in the presence of a lady, or to make sure she walked on the inside of the sidewalk, lest she be mowed down by a runaway street-car. New Rule: Respect and listen to a woman when she tells you that your mansplaining is beyond reproach. Old Rule: Gently steer a woman out of uncomfortable conversations by stepping in.

As Valentine's Day approaches, Kasmin Fernandes lists the unwritten laws of the new dating game.

The times, they are a-changing — and so is the art of the biggest game of your life.

New Rule: Hold the door for anyone that happens to be trying to go through that door, and they will do the same in kind. Old Rule: Respect and listen to a woman when she speaks, offer words of advice and encouragement.

And in the event that someone does request sexting, proceed with extreme caution.“Don’t want to look too thirsty,” you tell yourself as you count down the minutes before it’s socially acceptable for you to respond to a text from a crush. Texting is one of the unavoidable essentials of modern dating.And like anything else in life, different people have different rules for texting.Dating has changed since the 1950s, but many people are still confused about the rules of dating. This article outlines five rules of modern dating that will benefit both genders.The days of the man paying for every single date are long gone.

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