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My last deployment song was "Broken" by Amy Lee and Seether.

This time around, it's "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum.

The Crocodile Café Collection contains over 3000 hours of live music recordings.

Recorded at the Café between 20 by audio engineer Jim Anderson, these recordings document performances by dozens of artists, notable and obscure.

From indy rock to punk, freak folk to noise, and Disney cover to shoegazer, the collection captures numerous memorable and energetic performances. The entire collection is available on our Archival Jukebox outside of the Media Arcade, which is located in Suzzallo-Allen Library (room Allen 381F).

Whatever your opinion of a particular band, the authentic and crystalline quality of the recordings is a testament to the audio engineering prowess of the collection's donor and creator, Jim Anderson. Come visit the Media Arcade on Allen Library's 3rd floor or check out a few samples on the "Listen! Click here to listen to online samples of live Cafe performances.

Make sure you read the comments after the post because the list goes on long after the post ends. It helps me escape a bad mood and gets me through a tough workout. That's why I couldn't live without music while my husband is deployed.However, Donny did express very clearly on our first date that he thought that he would be on a date with me.This was not because he didn’t think that he had a shot, but because he was never really interested…such a romantic this one.” I was glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who thought of alcohol as a necessary means of getting through those first few, nervous dates. Unfortunately, I also have a tendency to get overexcited and little spastic, which leads to extreme self consciousness, which in turn leads to me to forcing myself to sit quietly as to not embarrass myself.Cue the shots of Jameson, pints of beer, or glasses of red wine.

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The Crocodile Café Collection contains over 120 continuous-days of unique live audio and video recordings.