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Consolidating p29

The name of Colchis first appears in Aeschylus and Pindar.

The earlier writers only speak about it under the name of Aea (Aia), the residence of the mythical king Aeëtes: "Kolchian Aia lies at the furthest limits of sea and earth," wrote Apollonius of Rhodes.

The main river was the Phasis (now Rioni), which was according to some writers the south boundary of Colchis, but more probably flowed through the middle of that country from the Caucasus west by south to the Euxine, and the Anticites or Atticitus (now Kuban).

Arrian mentions many others by name, but they would seem to have been little more than mountain torrents: the most important of them were Charieis, Chobus or Cobus, Singames, Tarsuras, Hippus, Astelephus, Chrysorrhoas, several of which are also noticed by Ptolemy and Pliny.

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The Commission's programme of law reform, prepared in consultation with the Attorney General, was approved by the Government and copies were laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas on 4th January, 1977. The defects are generally a consequence of the outdated nature of the relevant rules or statutes. as in fisheries legislation, and would be particularly suitable for road traffic offences. The Committee considered that there should be a reliable statutory basis for confiscation of property or assets to enforce fines and that confiscation should be a penalty in its own right e.g.As we move forward along the straight and righteous path, we have continuously planted and nurtured the seeds of reform with the annual Budgets enacted under this Administration.We have prioritized the people’s most urgent needs in order to genuinely and efficiently address poverty and inequality.

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It spells out the costs of government’s plans and operations for the entire fiscal year.

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